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Terms & Conditions mediation “MaC Housing & Services”
This translation can only be used in combination with and as explanation to the Dutch text. In the event of a disagreement or dispute relating to the interpretation of the English text the Dutch text will be binding. These general conditions are subject to Dutch law. This tenancy is subject to Dutch Law.

Article 1: Scope, definitions
1.         These conditions apply to all offers and all mediation agreements Contractor:. MaC Housing & Services (KvK: 63013215), hereinafter referred to as 'agency', closes its Clients referred to as "Client" in their capacity as prospective tenants.
2.         Under mediation means the obligation of agency against payment of a brokerage fee (commission) on bringing Client in contact with potential landlord (s), so that Client and landlord closes a lease of a dwelling, which includes the guidance by agency by appointment(s) of one or more living space(s) referred to in Article 7:425 of the Civil Code.
3.         Vice brokerage commission or fee shall mean the Client will be liable to Agent for consideration due to his mediation work.
4.         Client is no registration fee to MaC Housing & Services due for commencement of work.
5.         Where below specifically a provision for the situation where the Client is a natural person not acting in the exercise of a profession or business shall be referred to as 'consumers'.
6.         Provisions that deviate from these terms and conditions of mediation are only part of the agreement between the parties if and to the extent that the parties have agreed in writing.
7.         'Written' in these terms and conditions of mediation also mean: E-mail, fax or any other means of communication for the purposes of the prior art and the force in society views this can be equated.
8.         The written advice given by manufacturing Agent or Client, documents (appraisal) reports, studies, etc. will hereinafter be referred to as 'documents'. 'Documents' be defined as written documents and other media works recorded, such as computer disks, on USB drives or any other media as well. Foregoing, unless the parties have expressly agreed otherwise written.
9.         If the Client consists of two or more (legal) persons they are against Agent severally liable for the fulfillment of all obligations to Agent.
10.       The for whatever reason does not apply to (a part of) a provision of these terms and conditions of mediation affect the validity of the remaining provisions.
11.       If Agent does not require the Client within expeditiously performance, this allows the right to performance Agent unaffected.
12.       The Client can not rely on the fact that the general conditions of mediation are not asked to hand to him if Agent has these general conditions of mediation in another transaction to the Client held in hand already.
13.       Agency reserves the right to change general conditions of mediation agency with regulatory changes.

Article 2: Agreements, contracts

1.         Oral agreements binding agency unless he has confirmed or when Agent with the consent of the Client initiates the implementing acts made them in writing.
2.         Additions or changes to the terms and conditions of mediation or other changes or additions to the contract are binding only after written confirmation by Agent.

Article 3: Obligations of the Customer chargeability of brokerage
1.         Compensation for independent living, shared accommodation or room rent is equal to the monthly rents of rented accepted by the Client, plus 21% VAT.
2.         Client must ensure that the necessary information required for the execution of the agreement in a timely manner and will be made available in desired shape by Agent.
3.         Failure to comply with the obligations set out in this Article are met on time, Agent shall be entitled to suspend the time that the Client meets these requirements have been fulfilled. Implementation of the agreement the costs associated with the delay or the cost of carrying out additional work or other consequences resulting for the account and risk of the Client.
4.         If the Client after giving an agreement to rent a living space, for reasons not attributable to Agent no longer wish to rent the accommodation Client is obliged to pay to Agent an amount equal to the commission Client who would have been a rental agreement would be reached with the respective landlords. definitively due to Agent In addition, the Client shall indemnify for any damage suffered by the relevant landlord. Broker
5.         If the Customer is eligible for housing for which a license is required, then obtaining this permit for the account and risk of the Client and the Client is obliged to pay whether the license fee is or will be granted, unless the parties have agreed.
6.         Where for any reason whatsoever not going to live in the property for which the Client through the mediation agency a lease agreement has been reached, or if the lease is terminated for this property destroyed or dissolved, the Client is obliged to pay the fee and the Client shall not be entitled to a full or partial refund thereof.
7.         If the Client and / or his relationships seem to live in a accommodation, which Client has obtained the data of Agent Client has to pay the fee to Agent, irrespective of whether the lease through Agent is established
8.         Principal shall in all respects cooperate with the proper performance of the agency contract by both parties. The Client will not do anything and / or omissions that proper implementation of this agreement hinders or may hinder.

Article 4: Personal

The personal data of the Client shall be included in the administration of agency. Agent provided without the consent of the Client data to third parties. The recorded data are used by the agency solely for the performance of contracts by its agreement with the Client.

Article 5: Deadlines

1.         Quoted by agency deadlines for the work to be performed or the humble and services must be delivered / or can never be regarded as deadlines, unless the parties agree otherwise in writing. If Agent fails to fulfill its obligations under the agreement in time, it should therefore be put in writing.
2.         Agent is authorized to - regarding the fulfillment of the financial obligations of the Client - to require, before starting or at least put it on with the work to be done in advance or security of the Client.

Article 6: Progress, performance agreement

1.         Agency is obliged to perform in accordance with the agreement. Competently, carefully and the standards in this industry from its
2.         Agency can not be required to start the execution of the work until all the necessary information in its possession and has received payment. Possible agreed (forward)

Article 7: Duration agreement, obligation broker

1.         A conciliation agreement runs for an indefinite period, unless otherwise agreed in writing.
2.         Agency shall use its best efforts to know and be able to achieve. Desired by Customer or intended outcome This is always an obligation of agency and not a performance obligation. If the above result fails, the client therefore does not relieve it of its obligations towards agency, except for any obligations that are explicitly linked by the parties to achieve the intended result.

Article 8: End and termination of the agency contract

1.         Unless otherwise agreed and subject to the other provisions of these terms and conditions of mediation, the mediation agreement is ended by:
o          fulfillment of the agreement by the agency;
o          termination by the Client;
o          termination by Agent.
2.         The agreement is met if the desired result is achieved.
3.         Client and Agent are entitled to terminate this Agreement. At any time
4.         The parties may terminate the agreement by giving notice derive no right to compensation, unless it is canceled due to the failure to fulfill any obligations by the other party.

Article 9: Claims and complaints

1.         Client is obliged humble, like the (draft) lease agency to audit these records to proceed. Immediately upon the receipt of Any defects must be reported. Within 2 working days of receipt of the documents in writing to Agent
2.         Other complaints - including complaints relating to the work performed or services rendered - serve by registered mail no later than two months after discovery.

Article 10: Liability

1.         If agency mediates in the creation of a tenancy agreement between landlord and tenant agency is never a party to the lease and is not liable for the content and implementation of the lease. Agent is in no way liable for the damages of the Client arising from the situation that the rent and / or the agreed service (cost) and / or additional or non-recurring fees are not in accordance with the law.
2.         Agent rid herself of her mission as a company is to be expected in its industry, but does not accept any liability for damages, including consequential damage, loss of profits, profits and / or stagnation damage arising from acts or omissions of Agent, its employees or by third parties engaged.
3.         Agency is not liable for damage Client suffers as a result of acts or omissions of this by the other party to the agreement reached by mediation agency lease.
4.         The limitations of liability set out in this Article shall not apply if the damage is due to intent and / or gross negligence of Agent.
5.         Notwithstanding the other paragraphs of this article, the liability is always limited to the amount of the payment to be made by the insurer of agency in such case, to the extent that agency is insured.
6.         If Agent is not insured referred to in the previous paragraph, the liability of the agency at all times be limited to twice the height of the Agent to the Client for its work and / or services invoiced and / or charge fees.
7.         Agency is not liable for the consequences of any damage and / or defects in the property that is present in the acceptance by the client of the house. It is up to the client itself to check for any damage and / or defects and, if necessary, to address the landlord of the house.

Article 11: Payment

1.         The brokerage commission or fee must be paid within three business days after acceptance of the living this deadline is a deadline. For late payment, see Art. 11. 2a and Article 11.2b.
2.         Unless otherwise agreed, all that he owes to pay Agent, the Client other than the brokerage commission or brokerage referred to in Article 11.1, within 14 days after the invoice date. This deadline is a deadline. For late payment:
•          Client owe Agent a default interest in the amount of 1% per month calculated on the principal cumulative. Parts of a month shall be considered as a full month;
•          Client shall, after having been requested in respect of extrajudicial costs a minimum of 15% of the sum of principal and interest for late payment, with a minimum of € 40.00 for that purpose by agency.
3.         All that Client owes agency are met on time by the Client without any appeal to discount, suspension, cancellation or settlement.
4.         The discretion of the agency agreement may be terminated, whether or not combined with a claim for damages.
5.         If the Client to its payment obligations on time, Agent is authorized to suspend until payment is made or satisfactory security has been provided. Fulfillment of the obligations towards the Client to supply or to the implementation of activities. The same applies before the date of default if the agency has reasonable suspicion that there are reasons to doubt's creditworthiness Client.
6.         Payments made by the Client applied to settle all interest and costs and then to settle the invoices which the longest, unless the Client expressly states at the payment that the payment relates to a later invoice.

Article 12: Bankruptcy, incompetence, etc.

1.         Without prejudice to the other provisions of these conditions, the dissolved agreement between the Client and agency without judicial intervention and without any notice being required, at the time the Client:
•          in state of bankruptcy;
•          A (temporary) moratorium;
•          affected by enforceable seizure;
•          receivership or under administration;
•          otherwise the power or capacity to act with respect to its assets or parts thereof.
2.         Paragraph 1 of this Article shall apply, unless the trustee or administrator recognizes the obligations arising from the agreement as a debt of the estate. 

Article 13: Jurisdiction, Applicable Law
1.         The agreement between Agent and Client is exclusively governed by Dutch law. The disputes arising from this agreement shall also be settled under Dutch law.
2.         Any disputes will be settled by the competent Dutch court, although the agency, to the extent that the law does not mandatory oppose, has the authority to make the competent court in the place where agency is located a case.
3.         In all cases only the Dutch version of these terms and conditions will be applicable.